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​Imprinted concrete is a way of turning dull gray concrete into an array of patterns that duplicates, stone, granite, brick, slate,and even wood. It can be used as a driveway,patio, paths, pool surrounds  or any area that needs a hard standing surface. This type of surfaces gives the property owner a beautiful finish at an affordable price. This type of systems offers long durability,and requires less maintenance than other methods.
Once these systems have been installed and sealed they offer outstanding resistance to the weather, oil stains, water, and abrasives. Imprinted concrete is easier to keep clean and free of weeds. With our large selection of patterns and colour schemes you have a wide variety of possibilities of turning your ideas into reality.
Since 1990 we have been experts in the imprinted concrete systems since it was first introduced to the UK from America. We have carried out works for a wide range of clients throughout the UK and Europe and consider ourselves one of the top companies in this type of paving. We have many satisfied clients and projects throughout the UK that are available for viewing if requested
Benefits Of Imprinted Concrete Systems
*    Wide range of textures,patterns, and colours.

*   Made using high strength reinforced concrete.

*    Does not encourage moss or weed growth.

*    No sinking or subsiding as with other paving.

*    Guaranteed 15 years

*    Affordable installation costs.

*    Resistance to oil and chemical spillages.
MASTEX-TEXCRETE is commited to providing our clients with cost effective, eco friendly paving solutiuons that will enhance and add value to there propertties.
Available in a wide range of colours and patterns  ( specials can be manufactured )
Installation Procedure 
*    Excavate site to required depth

*    Set formwork up as required

*    Re-Set or move any manholes as required

*    Set rainwater drainage as required for planning

*    Install soak away if required

*    Apply 100mil of MOT Grade 1 and consolidate 

*    Appy 150 Mill of reinforced concrete and float off

*    Apply colour hardener and float in as required

*    Apply release agent to all areas.  

*    Stamp pattern using rubber mats to req area.

*    Once dry wash off release agent and allow to dry

*    Apply 2 coats of Pics sealer by spray.

*    Check works and clean up remove all resulting debris
      and rubbish from site, 

HomeBlock PavingImprinted ConcreteResin BoundRecon SystemSpraycrete SystemContact Us

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